Special Tours for
Cruise Ship Passengers

The "Original" Wet & Wild Party Cruise

The party starts here!

Join us for a 'Freestyle Sailing Experience'. Depart at the Cruise Ship Pier and Sail the beautiful clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea to the Snorkeling location inside Jamaica's National Marine Park, on the shores of Montego Bay. Mask and snorkel are provided to assist with the viewing the wonderful Underworld of the Marine Park. Learn the latest Jamaican Dance Moves or relax with a Foot Massage. Join in and move your feet to the Jamaican Reggae Beat. The party continues with a short stop at Margueritaville's Party. (20 min. stop 'weather permitting'). Take a ride on the slide. 'Ready we are Ready' at the sound of the 'Conch Shell' don't miss the Boat! Feel the Beat, move your Feet to the Reggae Beat.

For Cost, Availability and Final Details please email:

Depart Ship:
To be confirmed during booking based on ship arrival time.

Tour Duration: 
Approx. 2.5 hours Private Chartering for your Group is available.  Sail to the Ship Pier is approx. 20 mins

Sail Snorkel Doctor's Cave Beach


Sail the Crystal Clear Blue waters of Montego Bay to the snorkel location inside Jamaica's National Marine Park. The vessel will moor at Crystal Reef for your Snorkeling opportunity for approx. 30 mins.

Mask and Snorkel are provided for your assistance in viewing the beautiful 'Underworld' of the coast of Jamaica. After snorkeling you will proceed to Doctors Cave Beach, located on the 'Hip Strip' and near Margueritaville for a day of fun and relaxation. You have approx. 2 hours to enjoy the Beach with, 'board walk' of authentic snack shops and restaurants. Shop on the 'Hip Strip' & stop by 'Margueritaville' for a wild ride on the slide. Your return 'Sail to the Ship' will be filled with Reggae music. Feel the Reggae beat and move your feet, for the true JAMAICAN EXPERIENCE. Cruise time back to the ship is approx. 20 mins.

For Cost, Availability and Final Details please email:

To be confirmed during booking based on ship arrival time.

Tour Duration: 
Approx. 3.5 hours


At the coral reef, you can swim amongst the bright colorful corals, observe a vast variety of beautiful tropical fish in there natural environment and the vibrant marine life. Some of the most abundant species of tropical fish on the coral reef are angel fish, anthias, basslets, bat fish, blennies, box fish, butterfly fish, cardinals, clown fish, damsels, dart fish, dotty backs, dragonets, dwarf angels, eels, filefish, frog fish, goat fish, gobies, groupers, grunts, hawk fish, hogfish, jaw fish, lion fish, puffer fish, rabbit fish, rays, sea horses, sharks, snappers, squirrel fish, tangs, triggerfish and wrasses.